• Daily Candy Kids

    Daily Candy Kids

    “Kids go animal for these fables. Look out, Aesop. There’s a new yarn-spinner in town.”

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  • AppySmarts.com

    Matías the rebellious chicken got an Editor's Favorite Badge from Appysmarts.com.

    "What we liked: the story, simple illustrations and animations, great narration and voice acting, sounds, ease of use, no distracting elements, "two ending options""

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  • Parents Magazine

    Parents Magazine
    "More Over, Aesop! Brainy Fables are reinventing the genre...app-style.  Mirta The Super Fly tells the story - in English and Spanish- of a buzzing insect who wants to see the world from the other side of the window."
  • Wltx TV

    "Great lesson along with beautiful illustrations..."
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  • Apps4Kids

    "An absolute treat for the eyes. A must have for our little ones digital library."
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  • The iPhone Mom

    "I love the look of the "Brainy Fables" apps. They've released a new one: Mirta the Super Fly. I always wanted to be "super fly" when I was younger but was never hip enough - did I just date myself? :-D"

    The iPhone Mom

  • Giggle Apps

    “… a creative story with an interesting message for children as well as a great sense of visual style”

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  • FunEducationalApps

    “The kids at Fun Educational Apps loved all four fables. They were engaged, entertained and most importantly it opened the door to some great discussion. Make sure to go over these book app with your kids as each story can help us parents pass on important messages about values, self confidence, and the importance creative thinking skills for the achievement of one's goals. We all had a fantastic reading experience and a great dialogue ... hope you will too! 
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  • Chip Chicklets

    "There’s no shortage of storybooks out there giving facelifts to old stories, so it’s nice to see Brainy Fables, a collection of brand new fables to get the kids of today thinking critically, while still managing to remain timeless in their content."

    Chip Chicklets
  • Horacio the piglet gets a Brainy App store fable

    Generally speaking, there are two kinds of book-apps that pique our attention as parents. First are those based on brands [...].  But the second kind are the ones that we’ve never heard of before, but whose visual style makes them stand out from the (vast) herd of rubbish on the App Store. Book-apps that look like they’ve had some proper craft put into them. Horacio the piglet is the latest example.
  • Best Apps for Kids

    "Mirta is a great app to open dialogue with kids about the importance of developing the ability to come up with alternatives in every plan! Teachers of preschool and elementary, as well as parents will really see the benefits in this book app! You can choose from English and Spanish! "

    Best Apps for Kids

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